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Wellevate Online Dispensary

10% OFF every product, every time + FREE SHIPPING WITH $49 ORDERS

Wellevate allows you to shop excellent product lines for supplements, herbs, carrier oils, skincare, and more--delivered to your doorstep. 

PLUS, I've marked down everything in the shop so that you save 10% on typical retail prices--Every product, Every time!  No auto ship or minimum purchase required. Free shipping for orders $49 or more. 



Oh, how I LoVe Floracopeia. I've tested many, many essential oil and flower essences product lines through the years. And this is my favorite. By far. The ethics, the quality, the devotion, and the intention that this company uses and puts into the products makes the difference. 

I will offer Floracopeia "kits" soon! For now, you can go here to check out the first one I am offering, The Botanical Summer Facial Kit over in the Makeup & Skincare Department. :) 

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