As a teenager and early twenty-something, I suffered with some pretty heavy depression. In hindsight, some of it was from dietary issues; I was an undiagnosed Celiac still eating gluten which caused brain fog, gut issues, AND, yes, depression. But, I also lost a very dear mentor to cancer. She meant the world to me--I played soccer for her for 6 years, traveled the country with her, worked for her family business after school, and she was my confirmation sponsor. That loss was incredibly painful--I felt lost for years to follow. These times can be lonely and isolating. I know depression and grief and find it incredibly rewarding to use my gifts to support others who are suffering with it. 

Touch for Tough Times

You're having a really rough time, whether it's working with chronic or circumstantial depression, grief, or challenging life transitions. I want to support you in any way that I can with the gifts I've got to share with you, to meet you where you are at. I will give you the extra care, support, nurturing, & TLC you need to give you a break from it all for the moment or perhaps help to shift something that sticks for a longer reprieve. And I will give you a safe space to just be. With a masters in counseling, these sessions hold an extra special place in my heart. While they do not substitute for on-going counseling or psychotherapy, I do believe that including bodywork as part of your overall therapy is an excellent way to support overall self-care; bodywork is a great adjunct to other care during these especially trying times. These sessions include massage, energy therapy, essential oils, & flower essences, as needed.

The Benefits:

Short-term benefits may include:

  • Increased feelings of calmness & relaxation
  • Increased feelings of unconditional acceptance & nurturing
  • Connection to those who care
  • Increased feelings of peace, a temporary letting go of the concerns and issues
  • Increased clarity--clears fog, improves alertness
  • Increased feelings of being safe & grounded
  • Increased ability to emote when a therapist does not judge or ask for answers or reasons for emotions
  • Improvement in sleep
  • Increased capacity to stay in the present moment
  • Reconnection with inner self through touch

Long-term outcomes may include:

  • Better quality sleep
  • Better immunity and health
  • A more positive body image
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Less chronic muscle tension
  • Less chronic pain

Pricing: 60 mins/$75  90 mins/$110    120 mins/$140