While I love to work with a diverse population of clients, there is something especially special about working with women and their partners throughout their journey from thinking about having a baby to having the baby in loving arms.  What a deep honor and privilege to support prenatal and postpartum women, their partners, and babies during this amazing, transitional journey.  It is a gift to bear witness and lend support during this time. 

Fertility & Pre-conception Support

In these therapeutic sessions, we work together to clear physical, emotional, spiritual or energetic blocks that are creating challenges around fertility or carrying a baby to full-term. Using a combination of massage, Acutonics, energywork, Shamanic work, cranial sacral, flower essences, and essential oils.

The Benefits:
~To illuminate and clear blocks, increasing the possibility of conception and creating an environment that supports a full-term pregnancy.

Pricing: 90 mins/$105   120 mins/$140

Prenatal Bodywork

These nurturing, relaxing, and therapeutic sessions release physical and emotional stress for any momma-to-be who has a low-risk pregnancy & who is medically cleared for massage--including women in their first trimester. These session include a combination of massage, Acutonics, energywork, cranial sacral, flower essences, and Foot Zone Therapy.

The Benefits:
~Decreases negative side effects of pregnancy (nausea, vomiting, edema, back pain, sciatic pain, and more!)
~Decreases stress to mom & fetus
~Calms & Soothes mom & fetus
~Reduces anxiety
~Increases breathing capacity
~Increases Oxytocin & production of other helpful hormones
~Fewer complications with delivery
~Decreases fetal distress, premature births & financial stress often associated with premature births
~**When appropriate, physician approved, & requested by Momma, can help increase chances of inducing labor**~

Pricing: 75 mins/$90   90 mins/$105    

Postpartum Bodywork

These sessions will leave new mommas feeling nourished, re-aligned, re-centered, and rejuvenated after carrying and giving birth to their new baby and adapting to life as a new mom.  Addressing postpartum depression and other postpartum challenges is welcomed during these sessions. These sessions can include clearing trauma from difficult births. These sessions combine
massage, Acutonics, energywork, Shamanic work, cranial sacral, flower essences, and essential oils.

Note: This is a great time to take a break from the new, precious little being, but I am happy to have babies in attendance, too.

The Benefits:
~Helps with transition to new Momma emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically, spiritually
~Improves hormone regulation & balance
~Facilitates elimination of excess fluids and waste products thereby reducing edema
~Eases fatigue, promotes relaxation and assists with sleep
~Improves breastfeeding both by improving lactation & easing sore muscles used when breastfeeding
~Can reduce the severity of postpartum blues & depression
~Decreases stress & anxiety
~Reduces pain & discomfort from C-section

Pricing: 75 mins/$90   90 min/$105   120 mins/$140

Bodywork for Momma's Partners

Partners may not undergo as many physical changes as soon-to-be and new mommas, but they are navigating their own emotional and psychological shifts. With this awareness, these sessions help partners prepare for and ease the transition that they are experiencing. Inevitably, this also helps them better manage the changes that their expectant partners are undergoing daily and weekly. This is for anyone who is supporting the momma and part of her team; partner, dear friend, mom, dad, sister, other kids (I’m happy to do mini-sessions for young kids who want to be a part of this Journey!). These sessions combine massage, Acutonics, energy work, cranial sacral, flower essences and essential oils.

The Benefits: (Everything that bodywork does plus):
~Creates cohesiveness in the shared Journey
~Acknowledges the important role of Momma’s support system
~Eases tension in the home environment, conducive to fetal growth, relaxation, & calm  

Pricing: 75 mins/$90   90 mins/$105   120 mins/$140