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Reviving & (Re)Branding conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, & healers.

The underbelly.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I cry when I see America’s Got Talent, World of Dance, the Olympics, and even the X-Games. Or when I watch a mom with her child laughing together at the grocery store.

Seeing someone in their genius, expressing their super powers? Tears. Yes. Always.

It’s just so freaking beautiful and heart-expanding when someone’s light is shining that brightly.

And it just so happens that reflecting this light in others is one of my gifts, one of my superpowers.

So it all works out quite nicely because it’s my job. Literally.

love & ritual is all about helping other women claim and reclaim the fullest expression
of who they are and want to be on this planet.

When I’m doing bodywork, I get to reacquaint women with their bodies, to get them back inside, centered and revived. It’s such a freaking honor and when I think about it, makes me want to skip about the room. Why is this so important, this body revival? Because when you feel amazing, you can be amazing. A little more consistently.

As a web designer, I live to help other women broadcast their message to the world. I always picture it like sending out the bat call—remember when Batman had his symbol on the huge spotlight that would beam into the night sky for all to see? It’s like that. It’s like creating something so special that everyone will know it’s YOU that is needed for the job. And your people will see you. And will seek you out. Like the light you are, you will shine and they will be drawn in, like a moth to the flame. Oh, more skipping!

So, basically, both on the table and on the web, I light a little fire under your booty,
reviving and transforming the old into new for the world to witness all of your amazingness.

What’s my day like?

Being a web designer and massage therapist all in one day is awesome. Not only do I get to play in two worlds that I love, but it’s such a great balance for me—

all nerdy + brainy + organized + practical + visual + design-y
all body + soulful + touch + magical + earthy

The first, while I computer, expanding out into the ethers of creative expression and the second, while I come back into the body and massage.

I get to be me. In MY fullest expression. Warm heart, intuitive, big-picture and all the details, plus a bit magical (11.11 birthday, I can’t help it!)

Expansion / Contraction. Out breath / In breath. Perfect days. Fullest heart.

Ways that my strengths play at both?

My proclivity for details, for one.

My loooooove to connect the dots, making sure everything is integrating well and nicely, for two.

An inclination to read subtle energy as if it’s spelled out for all to see, for three (“well, I just thought everyone saw/knew/heard/sensed that!”).

(And, yes, it’s true. Energetic subtleties and alignment holds up for web design, too. If your website is not energetically aligned with who you are and what you’re birthing into the world, then it ain’t gonna work for you.)

Who do I work with these days?

One other little switchero that happened during this transition of my epic revival and rebrand?

I niched down.

I got really clear that my heart is with supporting women.

(I’ll still work with men from time-to-time when it’s right and a good fit.)

I’m excited to share these ways of working with like-hearted women—the seekers, conscious, mindful Rockstar Warrior Goddesses—who want to live the fullest expression of who they are. Sisters who recognize the sacred in the work—all of it, everyday!—along with the humor and lightheartedness of the journey, aware of the path as an expression of light and dark, contraction and expansion, and doing and being--who hold love at the core of decision and action.

So, healing arts work or web design, we’ll transform old into new, revive and rejigger, brand or (re)brand.

I absolutely look forward to supporting your journey in whatever way I can!

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