At the Root

Life is a sensual experience wherein our bodies are our conduit for sensing, for knowing. We must be in our bodies to know ourselves. And a heightened awareness of our bodies nurtures love for self and grows love and compassion for others. This planet desperately needs more embodied people, more love. We need people who are in tune and in touch with their bodies--what they are sensing and feeling--what they know.
Furthermore, we know now (through scientific research) that each heart radiates its energy 15 feet out from its owner's body. That said, each heart literally touches the lives of many people throughout the day.
Walking down the street, standing in line at the grocery store, sleeping next to someone at night.

We so desperately and absolutely need this. Right now. On this planet, in every community.
We need more people living from their hearts, from love.

We need more people feeling their Amazingness that radiates in their hearts, to others, to their communities. Because when we Feel Amazing, our capacity to Be Amazing expands with ease.

My gifts lend themselves to helping others Feel. To sense. To feel amazing and to be amazing.
To love, themselves and others.

To this end, I am committed to serving with all of my tools--learned, cultivated, innate--those who seek me out to be a part of the solution, creating change in people, creating change in communities.