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Love & Ritual Schwag

The first things to arrive at the Mercantile are some soft goods to spread the Love....& Ritual. Designed by me(!), with love. To Love & Ritual in the Design Department.

All proceeds from theses sales will go right into continuing education so that I can continue to learn and grow my tool box, to serve each and every one of you better than ever!

(For reference, I am wearing a size small tank and it's a perfect fit--fitted but not tight--and I've already washed it in hot(!) and dried it on high.)


To purchase or shop, click on the images below which will take you to an external website called Customized Girl where I have my own storefront.

All apparel comes in many different colors, unless otherwise noted. 



Coming Soon! I've been in the kitchen creating recipes to share with all of you. This is a project that has been on the back burner for many, many years and I am happy to be in the midst of it, making it happen. Stay tuned! If you want to get in on the release date, please sign up so "Stay in Touch" below (in the footer). Here's a tiny taste of Love & Ritual in the Kitchen! (pun intended!) XO, Cat


Paintings (?!)

We'll see about the appearance of prints of my paintings!! I've only made a few but there has been a fair amount of interest in them. (humbled!) I'm setting this place-holder as inspiration to offer these bits of Love & Ritual in the Studio. <3