Ashiatsu Massage

Every once in awhile in life a truly magical person comes along. You always know it the moment you meet them. It's just a feeling of warmth, and connection that fills the soul. It's even better when that person is blessed with the ability to touch and heal you in a way that very few others can. Cat is one of those people. Her massage skills along with her beautiful presence, great sense of humor and her intuitive abilities are such a treat. Having body work from this special lady and just knowing she exists makes me so very happy. Thank you Cat!
Now do yourself a favor and book a massage and don't forget the $100 tip!” 
Angela Pisoni-Bartley, Esthetician

"Your bodywork is deep, whole, nurturing, and intoxicating!"  
Elisa Barber, LMT & Massage Instructor

“The time that I spent with Cat was so well held. I love her offerings, they are many. The layers of her care allowed me settle into myself and let go. I was carried away and delivered home. She is available and so supportive. Love, love , love this amazing and fun human.”
Sierra Campbell, Nurse Practitioner

"The Ashi session was awesome!!! It's pretty amazing work! It is very different from traditional massage…what ended up happening was that it got under my nervous system, creating a deeply relaxed state. Loved that!!! I was more relaxed than I have been in a long time post-massage! I was amazed how the deeper fascial layers were addressed to levels that traditional massage can't offer."  
Tamara Gundrum, LMT & Massage Instructor

"I felt AMAZING after my session with Cat! It is beyond deep tissue, you get completely squeezed out. Honestly, it was an utterly superlative session in every way. Very different from any other body work I have had. Cat is a master."
Jodeen Revere, Thai Massage Therapist

"When Cat suggested I try Ashiatsu, I was skeptical. "Deep tissue isn't my thing," I reminded her. She promised I'd like it, I thought I might tolerate it...barely. But she was right. It was fantastic. Finally, a deep tissue massage that doesn't involve pokey work, but rather, work that is even-pressured and smooth--and dare I say, relaxing AND therapeutic!"  
Dean Williamson, Farmer


Signature Integrative Sessions

"Cat has a thorough, integrated approach to her bodywork which leaves you feeling whole and attended to both physically and personally. As a fellow bodyworker I can attest to the rarity of that combination. She is highly trained and motivated to heal.
She is my favorite!"  
SJ, Massage Therapist & Dancer

"Cat Caruso is a wonder-working magic-maker of extraordinary insight, skill, and heart. I'm consistently gobsmacked by her massages, which feel like a unique blend of healthful bodywork, deep emotional clearing, and soulful realignment. The experience on the table is beyond exquisite (those "ohmygodpleaseletitneverstop" moments), and the benefits last and last. I walk out of her studio feeling like I've discovered the secret to actually feeling human again: grounded, light, relaxed, clear, and nourished. Truly, working with her tops my personal list of self-care. This woman is gifted beyond words."  
Angela R. of Sexy, Saavy Copy

“Cat is quite gifted at working with the physical, emotional and energetic body to help encourage the natural state of balance within her clients. What she offers clients is a space for nourishment, deep relaxation, peace, insight, rejuvenation, and light-heartedness. I always look forward to
the chance to be on her table.”  
Peggy T, Reiki Master

“Cat is a phenomenal massage therapist! She goes beyond the physical and reaches you on a deeper energetic level. The combination of her massage, craniosacral and Acutonics skills allows her to touch her clients in a way that is unexplainable.
I recommend her to all my friends.”  
Chrissy R, Spa Manager

Best body work I've ever had, hands down. Aside from being an amazing, fun and loving human being, Cat has magical, intuitive hands.
She knows exactly where, for how long and at what pressure your body needs for the most blissful and healing treatment.
Just knowing she is in the world, doing her magical work makes my heart sing!”
Lola Howell, Acupuncturist

”I cannot recommend Cat enough...
She is a treasure.”
Hope Zinnbauer, LMT

“Recently, my life has been full of growth, change, and transformation. A few months ago I went to Cat for a massage with the intention of employing her "witchy," energy working intuition (instead of my usual deep tissue request) to help further the transformation I was experiencing. I was, of course, completely blown away. Cat barely did any traditional massage, but the healing and the release that came from that session (and the sessions since) were unmatched in any of the deep tissue bodywork she's done for me. When I'm on her table I'm wrapped in such profound love, care, and compassion that I can surrender everything and just be."   
Alyssa M, Somatic Sex Educator

"Cat is an incredible body worker, she has an amazing way of using her intuition to heal both physical and emotional wounds. She creates space that allows me to drop into my own body and go on a journey that always brings insight and healing into my life. No journey is ever the is always a treat and a pleasure to receive a massage from Cat."  
Katherine M, Access Bars Facilitator

“Cat is an absolute marvel at multiple modalities of body work. Strong, graceful, intuitive and nuanced. I miss that she is no longer in Boise, very, very much. She def rates as one of my all time favorite practitioners. Cannot recommend her enough.
Schedule with her NOW!” 
Jodeen Revere, Thai Massage Therapist

“It is not so much the different skill sets that Cat draws from when she works on you. It is that no matter where you start in a session with her, she uses her skills in combination with instincts and natural healing capacities to bring you back to a state of renewal. There are some people that are good at what they do in their work and some that are natural healers.
Cat is the latter.”  
Raven W, Matrix Leadership Institute

Cat is an amazing intuitive and healer. Her gift of intuition has played a large role in my growth over the past year.
In many aspects of my life...emotional, physical, and spiritual. Thanks, Cat!"  
Laura N, HR Wizard

“From what I can tell, it is the combination of understanding the physical body, a blend of intuition with intelligence, the capacity to make people comfortable, the way she seamlessly blends styles, and her capacity to bridge the every day with the eccentric or “woo woo” stuff that sets her apart from other therapists.”  
Tony, Chef

“Cat’s work is intuitive, grounded, inspired, relaxing, strong, skillful, very detailed, and therapeutic. Cat is as skillful as she is intuitive. It is a rare and welcomed combination.
She is truly gifted.”  
Mikey R, Massage Therapist


Prenatal & Postpartum

"Wow, was I tired! I had no idea how deeply exhausted I was! How much I needed that!! I feel so nurtured and rested. Revived. I feel like I just took my first deep breath in weeks and have my feet back under me. Like I had my reset button pushed. I'm ready to shift into the next step of what lies ahead as a mom to this little human I just birthed."
Julie P, Co-founder of Conscious Cleanse

“I enjoyed my prenatal massage from Cat so much that after the arrival of the baby, my husband and I both got massages the following week. It made such a great difference
in our transition.”
Sarah O, New Momma & Entrepreneur 

“At 41 weeks, the massage I received from Cat was fantastic. I left feeling so refreshed; it was by far the best prenatal massage of all.
The added bonus to leaving Cat's feeling relaxed and refreshed was that I went into labor 12 hours later; she asked if I wanted her to work on areas that might encourage labor and I'm so glad I said yes!   
Melissa F, New Momma & Yogi

“My first pre-natal massage was when I was 5 months along. Cat is the first massage therapist I have met who has an incredibly gentle, yet firm touch and knows just what my pregnant body needs. My baby moved almost the entire massage and I’m going to take that as a sign to go back often!”  
Rachel L, Momma of 2

”I received a prenatal and postpartum massage from Cat. The postpartum massage was nothing less than transformative: I felt as if I'd been put back together again! The massages I receive truly improved my physical and emotional well-being before and after giving birth to my beautiful son.”  
Erin A, New Momma of 1


Brand & Web Design


“Cat is extremely gifted in her ability to create beauty while listening to what I envisioned and then delivered by bringing it all together.
She patiently worked with me and helped the whole process feel like an adventure of inner exploration and more fun than I thought it could be.
It’s such a vulnerable act to put oneself “out there” into the world
and I felt her as an ally and guide (and sister).
She is professional, animated and embodies the artistic and creative muse while also holding the complexity of the technical side that is beyond me.
I would recommend her to absolutely anyone that is looking to co-create a website that reflects their deepest self and offerings.”
Julie F, Owner


“Cat Caruso does not disappoint!  Her artistic eye for beauty, precision and depth is just what I was looking for in building my new brand and website. I can’t begin to say how happy I am with the result and even more delighted with the process.  Cat is uber organized and clear, as well as fun and enthusiastic.  She listens and sees people and helps you create what you want.  I believe this is a tremendous gift!  Thank you, Cat!”
Terra M, Owner