Through the years, my craft has evolved into many things. What you see below are the offerings
that are not dependent on a specific market. However, they are far from basic. They are nearest and dearest to me, the "basic" offerings for which I have the most passion and inspiration day in and out. These are the offerings from my heart to you.

Divine. Bliss. Happiness. Integrative Massage

A combination of traditional massage techniques applied with perfectly exquisite pressure, this massage incorporates essential oils, Acutonics, energy work, cranial sacral and flower essences, as needed. It is completely relaxing, nurturing and Divine.

~Clears blocked energy
~Relieves stress
~Reduces anxiety
~Eases depression
~Promotes relaxation
~Increases overall sense of well-being & centered-ness
~Improves sleep
~Regulates blood pressure
~Relieves tension headaches
~Improves cardiovascular health
~Enhances immune system function
~Promotes recovery from exercise, illness or surgeries

Pricing: 60 Mins/$75   90 Mins/$105   120 Mins/$140   

Signature Integrative Sessions

You've done the work. You've read the books, sat on the cushion, done the cleanses, been a part of the mind+body+spirit movement. This isn't your first rodeo. You've hit a "stuck" spot. And now you are ready, you want to go the next level, beyond the step-by-step, linear way. You want exponential growth.
I'm here to help you to the next level.

My method is tapping into all of my gifts. And through this, you will meet yours. The SIS truly utilizes all of my skills from massage to a masters degree in counseling. Using body and energy work to tap into body, mind, and spirit, the SIS is intended to compassionately and mindfully support personal growth. It is a hybrid intuitive coaching + body and energy work session addressing life's challenges and transitions (divorce, death, emotional/mental/career/physical/life plateaus).

These sessions include traditional massage techniques, Multidimensional Touch, energy work, breath work, essential oils, flower essences, Acutonics, Access Bars, cranial sacral, and Shamanic work. PLUS a coaching element that includes intuitive reading, dialogue between therapist and client when needed, pre- and post-session sit-downs to brief and de-brief, and structured suggestions for personal reflection and growth for clients to use as they please. While intended to support healing on all levels--physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual--these sessions are both clarifying, opening, and transformative and deeply restorative, centering, and nurturing. 

Benefits (In addition to DBH Massage benefits):
~Creates a sacred space to drop-in & let go
~Clears out the old, opening space for shifts to the next level of being
~Supports personal growth and awareness
~Talk therapy element creates a more in-depth healing experience
~Structured and clear suggestions for navigating life challenges
~Sparks transformation and re-ignites the Amazing

Pricing: 90 Mins/$120  120 Mins/$150
(*120 mins is required for 1st SIS & optional thereafter)