I completed my masters in counseling in 2013, and specialized in school counseling. I chose this specialization because I love working with beautiful and brilliant kids and teens. I can use my connection to kids & teens and put my education & experience in the schools to use as a bodyworker. Using energetic techniques, I can help unwind how some of today's challenges are taking root in our kids--depression, ADHD, ADD, autism, etc. Often, I find that these kids are right on about underlying dynamics in their families or friend's groups and classrooms, too. Mostly, they want to be heard and seen and acknowledged for "what they know." Unfortunately, sometimes their behaviors are not on par with their wisdom. So, I am super happy to help support and offer suggestions to kids and teens and parents, as they navigate and sort through some challenges and especially trying times. 

Healing for Kids, Teens, & Families

These sessions are a way to work with kiddos and teens who are dealing with general challenges, are at-risk, or diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. They might be struggling a bit or a lot in their current environments or are transitioning in one way or another (leaving one social group for another, leaving one school for another, moving from middle to high school, etc). Like with any other client, we talk about what's going on in their lives before, during and after working with various energy modalities, cranial sacral, Acutonics, and sometimes essential oils and flower essences. We work on creating a sense of self-awareness and -understanding, clearing trauma, getting to the root of behaviors, and creating new ways to express themselves in ways that truly align with who they are and want to be.  

I typically work on at least one parent in addition to the child or teenager with the same end goal--creating self-awareness, creating new ways to express themselves, etc. These sessions give support to the parent(s) and also addresses the system as opposed to just the "problem child" so that each individual and the dynamic can be addressed and talked about. This helps to grow a bridge of understanding between kids/teens and their families, creating a cohesive, systemic change wherein all can thrive. 

The Benefits:
~Empowering for child
~Can decrease symptoms of child & parents
~Opens family communication
~Encourages growth for entire family
~Restores health to family
~Provides tools for future

Pricing: 60 mins/$75   75 mins/$90

Teaching Access Bars to Families
If interested, parents can learn the Access Bars method and can use this tool with their kids, feeling empowered to help them. And kids can learn it, too, to use on their parents or friends.  This work can't be done "wrong" in a way that would cause harm to another. Please call or send a note for more information.