Feeling A Little (Or A Lot) Wonky/Exhausted/Disconnect-Ed/Out Of Sorts/Un-Sparkle-Y/Just Plain Sore?

what sets me apart from other therapists?

1. I was a competitive athlete for a decade, a fitness instructor for two, A personal trainer for a half-dozen years, a dancer and cross-trainer through my adult life (so far). That’s to say. I know bodies. My own and others. very well.

2. I know energy, too. and bridge the physical and energetic smoothly and easily. One client said, “You’ve got this strong angelic, etheric quality to you but also this super grounded connection. it’s rare.” It’s true.

3. And I Offer A very unique combination of modalities To Help You Recover, De-Stress, Relax, Rejuvenate, Bliss Out, Or Reconnect To Your Self & Your Rhythm. Hands, feet, hot stones, cupping/Gua sha, Plant medicine, sound therapy…and more. For real. It’s a regular shmorgasbord over here in the healing arts studio.

so. 20 Years Into This Biz As A Wellness Practitioner And A Lotta Training Under My Belt. I’m Pretty Confident When I Say, “Whatever You Need, You’re In Really Good Hands—pun intended, of course—& really good feet…if you happen to come in for ashiatsu.”

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How did it all start?

In 1996, at the age of 21 (right out of undergrad), I went to a fitness/wellness training program on Maui. (For six weeks—it was amazing, life-transforming, and awesome.) The program took a mind/body approach to fitness and I was hooked. I took that training and certified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor and immediately started working in the industry.

I was building the foundation of my business as a young, female entrepreneur with a mind + body + spirit approach.

In 1997, I added massage to round out my business. While I thought I was learning massage for the sports and deep tissue massage to use with my training clients, instead I found that I was really there for the subtle work. I fell in love with it. Drawn to it like bees to flowers or Poo bear to honey. After finishing school, I quickly grew my practice.

And to this day, I incorporate both the deep tissue work and the subtle work with an eager and willing client-base.
(As a middle child, I aim to keep people happy.)

I moved to Boulder, CO in 2001 and continued massage, looking for and finding many trainings and ways to expand and grow my offerings.

My Gifts

One way that my gifts as a bodyworker show up is by how I easily move between multiple modalities, seamlessly bridging the practical with the spiritual/woo woo/alternative. Another, I think I have a knack for compassionately shining light on what needs weeding and what needs growing, so to speak, and really help to shift those things in the directions needed. And third, I think that my warmth and welcoming-ness makes balancing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual easier and more fluid; by creating a sacred space where you feel safe and met, you can revive and rediscover your Amazingness.


Additionally, because I made it to the other side of so many freaking health challenges (food sensitivities, chronic digestive issues, headaches, brain fog, periods of severe fatigue, Celiac disease, hypothyroidism and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, a mold-related illness, to name just some), I think I understand everyone else’s suffering and challenges a bit better. You won’t have to explain how it feels because I know and I can fully open my heart to that struggle and place of suffering in you — you won’t have to do it alone. I’m not scared to see it or be in it with you.

And by the way, I am inspired to do this work because I have a deep desire for the innate goodness, health, well-being and spiritual evolution of every human, community, and the world as a whole. For real. We need more of this, right?! More love, more light.

I’m adaptable. I’m versatile.

Thanks to extensive training, I use quite the assortment of skills and modalities , offering a multi-dimensional, personalized, integrated approach.

This means that depending on what you need on any given day — pain relief, emotional release, grounding/centering, reviving  — I’ll use whatever modality is best and right.

Everything is in service to your self-care and brightest being.
The work is deeply healing, nurturing, and nourishing.
And everything is definitely done in the name of love...and ritual.

Current Modalities/Offerings:

Traditional Massage
Ashiatsu Deepfeet Massage
Acutonics (Sound Therapy)
Multidimensional Touch
Energy Therapy
Plant Therapy (including Flower Essences & Essential Oils)
Himalayan Salt Stones—hot or cold
Cupping and Gua Sha
Access Bars
Cranial Sacral
Shamanic Work
Prenatal & Postpartum Massage to support the mamas :)

If you would like to read up on each modality and their benefits, please go here.


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P.S. You’ll schedule both Ashi and the SIS by the time you want, either 90 or 120 minutes, not by Ashi or SIS. We’ll talk more the day you arrive and see what’s best for you that day!

P.P.S. If you are looking for prenatal or postpartum massage, I would LOVE to work with you! Go ahead and schedule and we’ll get you feeling awesome, for real!

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You're back & hips have been barking at you for far too long. You need some deeper work, but "regular" deep tissue just isn't cutting it at the moment. Maybe you just want to cross-train your massage regimen. So try something new...and awesome! When you feel the even-pressure of a foot swirling along & sinking into your body you'll know why they call this the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet. Ready. Set. OMG.  

90 or 120 Minute with 2 Options:
Therapeutic (more sports/treatment) 
Rhythm & Flow (more divine bliss)


You've had a long week...or year. You're tired & maybe even a little cranky. You want to rest. Deeply. And feel better--on any or all levels. Maybe there's some things to let go of. You feel like you and your body are strangers. You dream of perfectly exquisite pressure so very consciously applied, head to toe. You want completely relaxing, nurturing and Divine with just the right combination of modalities for you, in the moment. You're at the right place.

90 or 120 Minutes





Gift Certificate Options:


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If you really want a full massage and more than just a “little bit” of any of the following thrown into any session, I recommend scheduling a 120 minute session. We can get a full body massage in PLUS a good, 30 minutes with any of the following:

-Cupping & Gua Sha
-Therapeutic Abdominal Massage
-Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
-Acutonics Sound Therapy

Also available for you as a 30 minute Add-on after your session:
-Far Infrared Sauna



I LOVE, love, LoVe making
with flower essences &/or essential oils.

Feel free to schedule a FREEBIE CONSULTATION
just for that if you are interested in
learning more or want me
to make a customized bland for you!


Yo! FYI, if you’ll find GIFT CERTIFICATES, over there on the Schedule page, too!