Food & Spirit is the framework that I use in food & lifestyle coaching. It drew me in because of its thorough and sound integration of East/West philosophies and its ability to provide a platform from which to consider every aspect of a person's health. After struggling with my health for many, many years--with belly issues, food sensitivities, severe fatigue, candida, brain fog, headaches and on and on--this framework opened my eyes to a whole new way to look at the way my lifestyle choices and habits were impacting my health. The F&S framework inspired ways to make sustainable changes in different areas of my life, providing clear and welcomed results. Regarding the food element, I was awestruck by the ways different foods deeply influenced and also brought balance to my life when working with them in the framework of the 7 Aspects. I am super excited to work with clients and groups, with those who want to dive in and together, make a plan to change their lives in small and big ways. 

Food & Spirit: A New Framework for understanding food & lifestyle

You Are HOW You Eat

Remember the old adage, "You are what you eat"?  Food & Spirit certainly agrees but challenges you to take a more inclusive view and adds, "You are HOW you eat," recognizing that there is a constant interplay between the physical element of food and the non-physical element of Spirit or who you are and what you bring--your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, ideas--to the table when you eat.  

A Unique Framework for Self-Discovery

There are many approaches to help people to heal and find their way to personal transformation and growth. The Food & Spirit System uses seven aspects of the self as doorways for exploration and self-discovery.  Food & Spirit is also unique because it:

*Merges together scientific credibility with the art of personal growth
*Guides clients in nourishing their “whole self” for the best health result possible
*Illuminates how to cultivate eating as a path to personal growth
*Reveals patterns that point to the root of imbalances so the work can be done at a deep level
*(Re)Introduces clients to new mind, body, and spirit practices
*Values the uniqueness of all clients and also, the time it takes to truly work with their unique stories and circumstances
*Allows the practitioner to use novel tools and techniques with clients that they normally won't find elsewhere
*Supports clients' short and long-term goals.

Food & Lifestyle Coaching: Personalized for every client

It's Not Just About Food

Food and Lifestyle Coaching is not just about food. It is about exploring the relationship between food and lifestyle choices and physiological and psychological health and understanding how your food and lifestyle choices both contribute to your well-being--or dis-ease. Using diagnostic tools, as a Food & Spirit Practitioner, my clients and I dive into the 7 Aspects of Health to understand and get to the root of their unique health challenges and use their strengths and many other techniques and resources (including diet, meditation, journaling, supplementation, bodywork and visualization) to meet their short and long-term health goals. Truly, this is a full-spectrum approach to whole-self health. 

Deanna Minich, Founder of Food & Spirit, says that "through the interactions we have with food, we can discover, grow, and enlighten several aspects of ourselves":

*How grounded we are in our physical body
*How we allow our emotions to flow
*How we harness our personal power
*How we allow our heart to be open and compassionate
*How we express our truth through voice
*How we intuit our inner way
*How we connect to all of life 


How Food & Lifestyle Coaching Works

In a nutshell: 

  • Intakes
  • Assessment
  • Personalized Plan
  • 3 or 8, Hour-long sessions
  • Email support at one per week
  • Bodywork (if local) at additional cost

Things we might incorporate:

*Nutrition advice

*Emotion Logs, Chakradance, Flower Essences or Essential Oils
*Journaling activities
*Yoga or other exercise suggestions
*Recommendations for health-care providers if there is anything outside my scope of practice needed (labs, medical treatment, therapy, etc.)


Now, do you pick the 3 or 8 sessions pack?

Either way, the goal is the same.

You want you to feel better! And I want you to feel Amazing!

Not because of a quick fix, but because we’ve unearthed the root of the issue or issues.


With either choice, we’ll dive into the 7 aspects of health and explore your sticky spots.

  1. We’ll look at issues through a physical/literal AND a metaphysical/figurative lens.
  2. Using your strengths, we’ll puzzle together a personalized plan and tweak it as we go along.
  3. In the end, you’ll have tools and resources to keep you on track toward the lifestyle that feels right and good and sustainable to you.
  4. I'm always available follow-ups and maintenance, an option only for clients who have gone through a 3 or 8 pack series.

The Difference Is In The Depth of the Dive

With 8 sessions, there is just more room and time to go into more detail, more time to run through all 7 aspects thoroughly. The 8 pack gives us space to explore and integrate what you learn into your life more completely.

Either way, finding solutions that will help you create the lifestyle that supports the health and life you want, that’s the goal.


Still have Questions?

I'm happy to sit down with you and figure out how I can best help you. 


Upcoming Food & Lifestyle Workshops!

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