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I have been doing this work for a long time but never tire of the endless possibilities that are at my fingertips (or toetips!), finding new ways everyday to work with clients--whether it's a new essential oil blend, a different way of getting at a particular muscle, or new pattern to use to access different realms, body, mind & spirit. I use a variety of tools & tricks depending on the session type including: traditional massage techniques, Ashiatsu Deepfeet Massage, Multidimensional Touch, energy therapy, breath work, essential oils, dry & moist heat, flower essences, Acutonics, Cupping and Gua Sha, Access Bars, cranial sacral, and Shamanic work. I also provide bodywork + Coaching sessions, putting my masters degree in counseling to use.

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Ashiatsu Deepfeet Massage

You're back & hips have been barking at you for far too long. You need some deeper work, but "regular" deep tissue just isn't cutting it at the moment. Maybe you just want to cross-train your massage regimen. So try something new...and awesome! When you feel the even-pressure of a foot swirling along & sinking into your body you'll know why they call this the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet. Ready. Set. OMG.  

60 Minute   Focus on Back

90 or 120 Minute   Full Body  Deep, Rhythm & Flow


signature Integrative Massage

You've had a long week...or year. You're tired & maybe even a little cranky. You want to rest. Deeply. And feel better--on any or all levels. Maybe there's some things to let go of. You feel like you and your body are strangers. You dream of perfectly exquisite pressure so very consciously applied, head to toe. You want completely relaxing, nurturing and Divine with just the right combination of modalities for you, in the moment. You're at the right place.

75, 90 or 120 Minutes


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himalayan (hot or cold) stone massage 

You're craving that delicious, warm-to-the-bone, grounded, and balanced feeling. Try this innovative healing technique using salt crystals from an primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains that are hand-carved into massage stones. Can you feel it? The stress, tension and toxins flushing out, and the deep relaxation and warmth settling in? Yum. 

75, & 90 Minutes or 30 Minute Add-On 


momma love: Fertility support + Prenatal & Postpartum massage + Momma's Partner massage

You are trying to conceive but nothing is happening. You are 8 months pregnant & really need to feel better in your body, asap! Your partner is having his or her own challenges with the baby on the way. You had your baby & wow! you need to get back to center after the long journey, carrying that little rascal inside of you. You want to work with someone who wants to support you fully. You're in the right spot. 

Please note, low-risk pregnancies only to make sure everyone is safe.

75, 90, or 120 Minutes

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You feel out-of-synch and like you need a tune-up. Sound therapy is a great choice. When set against or put near the body, the vibration from tuning forks are carried easily through the body by way of the vast amount of water in its tissues. Using tuning forks with the meridians and chakras can deeply rebalance the entire body. Much like acupuncture treatments, this treatment is incredibly relaxing, rebalancing, and fortifying to the systems. Includes light massage for back, neck/shoulders, head & feet to integrate the work more deeply. 

75 Minutes or 30 Minute Add-On


support for cleansing/detox + Therapeutic Abdominal Work

On a cleanse? Hit day 3 yet? It can be a doozie. You are definitely feeling like you could use a hand to help push out, clear out, squeeze out a little physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual "weight." You could use some support through your cleansing regime knowing that you'll feel lighter, more grounded, and refreshed on the other side of your session. After some massage, some lymph work, and essential oils, too--those little guys are especially great for this sort of work!--you'll be ready to take on your cleanse from a happy place. Plus, you'll get an extra dose of abdominal work in this session to keep things moving along. Ready, reset. 

75, 90, 120 Minutes

*Therapeutic Abdominal Work can also be scheduled separately as a 30-Minutes Add-on  (From one (long-time) belly sufferer to another, you are in good hands here!

Bodywork + Coaching

the deep dive Session

You've read the books, sat on plenty of cushions, you've done the cleanses. This isn't your first rodeo. But, you've hit a "stuck" spot & could use a hand moving through it. You want to move out old stuff & create room for breath & new. You are pretty sure that clarifying, opening & transformative body work that is also deeply restorative, centering, & nurturing would be amazing. You'd love some other-worldly insight & guidance on how to step into whatever is next. Let's do this!

**120 Minute Initial Session**

90 or 120 Minute Follow Ups

Extras & Add-Ons

-cupping & Gua Sha (available as a 30-minute add-on service)

-Hand-crafted & Customized, Therapeutic Flower Essence &/or Essential Oil Blends

-Far Infrared Sauna (available as a 30-Minute add-on service)