Beautycounter+ is Here!

Beautycounter skincare just got an upgrade with Beautycounter+, three product collections created to treat specific concerns. You'll love this stuff!

So how do these products fit into the existing product lines? The Nourishing and Rejuvenating lines are still the foundation of your skin care regimen; they offer your CLEANSE, PREP, PROTECT steps. The new Beautycounter+ collections add a TREAT step, offering options for Brightening, Plumping, or Balancing. 

Here's the rundown on each collection:



No. 1 Brightening:
Infused with multi-source vitamin C complex, the Beautycounter+ Brightening Collection reawakens dull skin. Antioxidant-rich vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of age spots for a brighter, more radiant complexion. 

The nutrient-rich mask instantly revives dull, tired skin, revealing a brighter looking complexion. It reaps the revitalizing benefits of deeply cleansing and polishing kaolin clay and the dark spot-reducing effects of vitamin C for a more even complexion and radiant glow. 

The mist provides an instant boost of radiance, leaving skin with a luminous dewy finish. The mist uses antioxidant-rich vitamin C to reduce the appearance of age spots, while lime pearl extract gently promotes a brighter complexion.

This citrus-scented facial oil awakens and replenishes the skin. The oil brightens and revitalizes skin, deeply nourishes and soothes and provides lasting moisture. 



No. 2 Plumping: 

Formulated with powerful peony and jasmine essences, the Beautycounter+ Plumping Collection restores and firms moisture-depleted skin. Replenishing peony root extract helps plump skin and restore elasticity.

The nutrient-rich mask instantly gives skin a firm, toned look and more youthful appearance. Plumping peony root helps restore skin’s elasticity, while konjac root smooths the appearance of fine lines. 

The revitalizing mist firms and plumps skin while visibly increasing elasticity. It uses replenishing peony root to plump skin, while rye seed minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

The Plumping oil moisturizes, nourishes, and helps firm skin. Fragrant jasmine oil replenishes moisture, while omega-rich argan oil helps minimize the appearance of fine lines. 


No. 3 Balancing:

Infused with activated charcoal and ylang ylang, the Beautycounter+ Balancing Collection gently refines oily, uneven skin. 

This nutrient-rich mask gives the skin a smooth, polished appearance. It purifies and balances, absorbs excess oil and draws out impurities. Activated charcoal minimizes the appearance of pores, while salicylic acid stimulates exfoliation. The Balancing mask purifies, detoxes and clarifies the complexion while helping to calm, refine and smooth skin.
And bonus, it also works as a fantastic spot treatment!

The revitalizing mist balances oily areas and hydrates dry areas. It is specially formulated with charcoal powder and kaolin clay, it absorbs excess oil, refines skin texture, and helps calm redness. 

The Balancing oil restores balance and calms and soothes skin by using softening meadowfoam seed oil and wild chamomile. 

Not sure which one you want--or need--most?

That's cool! In addition to being sold as collections, the products are sold individually and as spa sets (think travel size), too. So mix and match to your heart's content--or your skin's content, as it may be. ;) Think about it, you probably tend toward needing one collection more than another, but depending upon the season, the week, the day, if you've been totally stressed out, or even had a bad bout of the flu--your skin changes! I know mine does! I just had a weird flaky, red, dry thing going on around my nose and laugh lines. So I switched things up from my usual plumping routine to balancing and voila, see ya' later, Rudolph! :) 

Now that we've got that covered, keep in mind these Beautycounter + tips. 



I am a total mask junkie so I am SuPEr excited about the new masks! The Charcoal (old name)/Balancing (new name!) mask is awesome, for sure, but I love a good hydrating mask! And I LOVE our Plumping mask!  

How to use the masks? 2-3 times per week to reap the specific benefits of each one (which we will get into in just a minute!). 

(And by the way, feel free to Multi-mask. For instance, use No. 2 Plumping Facial Mask to firm your cheeks and No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask to refine oily, uneven skin in the t-zone. Genius!)

The Mists
The Nourishing Rosewater Mist isn't going anywhere, but now you can choose from three other mists, as well. While the Rosewater Mist's key function is hydration, the new BC+ Facial Mists deliver both hydration and treatment in one. 

How to use the mists? Like usual, to prep the skin before applying oils and/or moisturizers, to set makeup, and to refresh your skin throughout the day.

If you've been using Beautycounter for awhile, there are a few things you should know. 

Name and Packaging Changes
Both the Plumping (formerly, Hydrating) and the Balancing Face Oils are the same products you know and love, just in new packaging. 

The Charcoal Mask is also the same formula with new packaging design and a new name--now the Balancing Facial Mask.

Where's the Soothing Oil?
If you're wondering where the Soothing Oil is, you might be a little bummed to know that it is no longer being sold--however, the Plumping Oil is an excellent replacement! The Plumping Oil is most comparable in its hydrating and soothing benefits. It is especially good for clients concerned with dry skin and loss of elasticity. 

Alrighty, then! Count yourself up-to-speed on Beautycounter's latest products release, Beautycounter+! 

Check them out or give me a ring (email or text) if you have any questions.

As always, I am here to serve. :)