Why I Think Beautycounter is a Pretty Cool Company

I've been thinking about Beautycounter and why I joined on as a consultant since the MLM thing isn't really my gig. And the thing is this MLM so does NOT feel like an MLM! Beautycounter just feels different, in my opinion. It feels like direct sales--and in most ways, that's what Beautycounter is all about. Me, spreading the word, educating people about the beauty industry, and taking the lead in doing something to change it. So, in light of someone asking me today why I chose it, here goes:

12 Reasons I'm a fan of Beautycounter

1. I Believe in Beautycounter's Mission--BC wants our families and friends to be safe!
2. It's Super Clean--Top to bottom, BC products rate the best on EWG/Skindeep. No weirdo, questionable products stuck in the line!
3. Saves People Time--Because it's so clean, we can trust that they don't have to spend time scanning labels for dangerous ingredients anymore. Yay!
4. The right to choose--BC's transparency guarantees that we know what we're putting on our bodies. Super important!
5. Amazing Products--Sometimes clean products don't work great. Not the case here!
6. I Believe in Being Part of the Solution--I love having the opportunity to educate and support people looking for safer, clean alternatives to toxic, chemical-laden products.
7. I Love that Beautycounter is politically and policy-oriented--BC spends a lot of energy and time lobbying for more regulation and higher standards all across the industry and all the way to Washington.
8. Streamlined Product Line--BC offers amazing products and enough choices to suit the needs of many without the overwhelm of endless choices. Stress-free shopping. Happy customers. :)
9. B-Corp--Aspiring to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems? Super cool!
10. Financially Sound Company--I love that BC is "doing good" in the world but I also love that it is run by a badass business woman. BC sales have grown 300% from 2015 to 2016. That's impressive!
11. Direct Sales vs MLM--BC doesn't push "building teams" or require monthly purchasing for consultants, clients, or members--I can just be ME and share from my heart--the products, the business opportunity...whatever fits.
12. Empowering Women--I love when great companies are doing what they can to support women, giving them the tools to make a difference in the world while making an income to support themselves and their families.

That's it in a nutshell. If you are interested in learning more about their products, I've got a handful of favorites and am especially a fan of their Flawless in Five bundle--6 cosmetic products that gets you out the door looking as fresh as a mountain meadow in just five minutes. (And that's the truth! Fresh Face in Five could have been the name!) I offer free consultations for skincare and makeup questions. Let me know if I can help by going here.

Cat Caruso