I have spent many, many years the reading labels of food and beauty products. Most people can imagine why for food labels, but skincare products? Our skin is our largest organ through which we absorb what we put on it. What we put ON our bodies is as important as what we put IN our bodies. Making this leap can be challenging and overwhelming for many people. I have joined Beautycounter to help people easily move in the direction of decreasing their toxic loads by using better products, to create awareness around the beauty industry's disregard for people's health in the name of beauty, and because I believe in Beautycounter's mission to provide excellent, safer, high-performing products--skin, body, baby and sun care and cosmetics--for you and your family.


Flawless in Five

Flawless in Five is an excellent way to take the guessing game out of what makeup to use and how to look a little more...fresh/refreshed/put-together before you walk out the door. It's not that you aren't beautiful as you are, but I will say, the days I take the five minutes (truly, it's 5 minutes--tops 7) to put on the six products Beautycounter bundles for their Flawless in Five look, I feel better about everything. And, I have had more than a few people say very complementary things those days! A nice reflection of how taking just a little time for myself makes a noticeable difference in how I am received in the world. :) Here's one of Beautycounter's promo videos. I'll link my blog post and video here when it's ready!


Shop My Beautycounter Shop

Please visit my Beautycounter website which will allow you to shop all the products--and find more information about the company, too. 


My Blog for Beautycounter and More

I never thought I'd see the day, but I'm blogging...and vlogging! I'll put up posts on an assortment of things from recipes to my thoughts on various wellness topics. I will also include Beautycounter posts about new products and product reviews. I hope the posts provide information that is pertinent and helpful to you.

Beautycounter Consultations

It's great to confidently suggest these safe, healthy, high-performing cosmetics, skincare, sun protection, and bath and body products for my clients and their families, too. If you're interested in learning more about what Beautycounter has to offer, I'd love to talk with you. Let's schedule a one-on-one. 


Watch this fun, little video!

An unsolicited take from a beauty blogger as she tries out Beautycounter products for the first time!

12 Reasons I'm a fan of Beautycounter

1. I Believe in Beautycounter's Mission--It's not just about money, BC wants our families and friends to be safe!

2. It's Super Clean--Top to bottom, BC products rate the best of any line I've ever researched on EWG/Skindeep. No weirdo, questionable products stuck in the line!

3. Saves People Time--Clients can trust that they don't have to spend time scanning labels for dangerous ingredients anymore. Yay!

4. The right to choose--BC's transparency guarantees that people know what they are putting on their bodies. Super important!

5. Amazing Products--Sometimes clean products don't work great. Not the case here!

6. I Believe in Being Part of the Solution--I love having the opportunity to educate and support people looking for safer, clean alternatives to toxic, chemical-laden products. Super fun!

7. I Love that Beautycounter is politically and policy-oriented--BC spends a lot of energy and time lobbying for more regulation and higher standards all the way to Washington. Yes!

8. Streamlined Product Line--BC offers amazing products and enough choices to suit the needs of many without the overwhelm of endless choices. Stress-free shopping. Happy customers. :)

9. B-Corp--Aspiring to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems? Super cool!

10. Financially Sound Company--I love that BC is "doing good" in the world but I also love that it is run by a badass business woman. BC sales have grown 300% from 2015 to 2016. That's impressive!

11. Direct Sales vs MLM--BC doesn't push "building teams" or require monthly purchasing for consultants, clients or members. I can just be ME and share from my heart--the products, the business opportunity...whatever fits.

12. Empowering Women--I love when great companies are doing what they can to support women, giving them the tools to make a difference in the world while making an income to support themselves and their families.