After giving many, many, MANY deep tissue massages using my hands, arms, thumbs, elbows and forearms, I decided that trying a new modality that would be easier on my body might be a good idea!  I played soccer for 15 years and have been dancing for a dozen so when I saw a training for Ashiatsu, I knew it was the right modality for me.  And what a win-win!  I get to dance and play while I still  provide a fantastic, deep tissue massage for my clients while using my lower, instead of my upper body! 

ashiatsu massage

Using the surface, ball and heel of the foot with overhead bars for balance, the therapist compresses and sweeps over the muscle and sinks into strategic points along the body to create a smooth, flowing massage. The broad surface area of the foot creates an even-pressured massage. Fantastic for clients seeking a deep, "squeeze-out" from head to toe, those who are cleansing/detoxing, for those needing a profound experience of embodied, grounded bliss. Clients say, “this may be the most luxurious massage on the planet.” 

The Benefits (All of the benefits of hands-on massage plus): 
-Perfect "Reset" for All Levels, Body, Mind & Spirit
-Both luxurious & therapeutic
-Less painful & pokey than regular deep tissue massage
-Little to no post-massage soreness
-Very grounding for nervous system
-Quickly induces deep relaxation that lasts 12-48 hrs
-Deep pressure stimulates body’s self-healing capabilities  
-Reduces chronic pain
-Increases mobility of the spine
-Improves posture with one or more sessions
-Increases circulation & lymphatic flow for profound cleansing/detoxifying effect
-Relieves tight muscles & stress
-Enhances exercise recovery & performance
-Relieves low back issues & can reduce need for surgery (as recognized by the AMA)

Pricing: 90 mins/$120 120 mins/$150



A Client Raves about Ashiatsu!

I felt AMAZING! It is beyond deep tissue, you get completely squeezed out. Honestly, it was an utterly superlative session in every way. Very different from any other body work I have had. You are a master.
— Jodeen Revere, Thai Massage Therapist/Yoga Instructor