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No matter what kind of work we do together, bodywork or web design,
these are some of the things you can count on—

  1. I speak your language—You will feel met, at ease, & understood.

  2. I will find or create the best way to help you—I have options galore for you.

  3. You’ll get what you need—You will feel put back together, nourished, ready to get back at it, & inspired.

  4. We’ll have a good time—You won’t have to (please DON’T!) dim down & be “All Business” with me.

  5. We will traverse the space where the magical & the practical happily coexist.

I absolutely look forward to supporting you in whatever way that I can.

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So how did I get from being a healer and wellness industry junky for 20 years
to opening a web design studio?

Here’s the story.

In the Spring of 2014 I was diagnosed with CIRS, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, which basically means I was really sick in a lot of ways. Medical research, appointment setting (and coordinating and attending!) plus putting in place ever-shifting regimens for healing became my full time job. My actual career as a bodyworker was on hold.

So I wasn’t working or out of the house much.

And then one day, I started designing a website for myself as a way
to stay connected to something creative and inspiring—
a lifeline, so to speak—to something outside of my illness.

I designed three sites for myself on three different platforms, just monkeying around until I could figure out how to make things happen. I watched youtube videos and learned new programs and designed my marketing materials, too. Since I wasn’t working, my websites were mostly gathering dust. But then this last Spring, I really hit my brand and fell in love with my latest brand creation. I thought, this is IT. This is so ME.

I knew I was onto something because people started asking for advice on their own projects—just friends, ”look at this” or “what do you think of that?” kind of stuff.

But then, in Fall 2018, one of my soul sisters called me up and everything shifted.

She asked if I wanted to get paid to help her with a big project. I said, “Hell, yeah!”

And that’s how it all started. I launched a Web Design Studio.

Tricky me! I had created a new career for myself while I was super sick and not sure how much time I had left on the planet.

So now I’m on the other side of the health crisis—and my business is thriving. What a new amazing, reality!

I worked my ass off to get here in so many ways. It wasn’t easy.

But on this side of things, everything feels like it is falling into my lap.
I am in the flow. And I’ll take it! All of it!

Amen, Aho, Hallelujah, Mahalo.

So, what’s my day like?

Being a web designer and massage therapist all in one day is awesome. Not only do I get to play in two worlds that I love, but it’s such a great balance for me:

I get to be all nerdy + brainy + organized + practical + visual + design-y

while I computer away, expanding out into the ethers of creative expression


I get to be all body + soulful + touch + magical + earthy while I massage away.

I get to be me. In MY fullest expression.
Warm heart, intuitive, big-picture and all the details, plus a bit magical (11.11 birthday, I can’t help it)

Expansion / Contraction. Out breath / In breath. Perfect days. Fullest heart.

Ways that my strengths play at both?

My proclivity for details, for one.

My loooooove to connect the dots, making sure everything is integrating well and nicely, for two.

An inclination to read subtle energy as if it’s spelled out for all to see (“well, I just thought everyone saw/knew/heard/sensed that!”).

(And, yes, it’s true. Energetic subtleties and alignment holds up for web design, too. If your website is not energetically aligned with who you are and what you’re birthing into the world, then it ain’t gonna work for you.)

Who do I work with these days?

One other little switchero that happened during this transition of my epic revival and rebrand?

I niched down.

I got really clear that my heart is with supporting women. (I’ll still work with men from time-to-time when it’s right and a good fit.)

I’m excited to share these ways of working with like-hearted women—the seekers, conscious, mindful Rockstar Warrior Goddesses—who want to live the fullest expression of who they are. Sisters who recognize the sacred in the work—all of it, everyday!—along with the humor and lightheartedness of the journey, aware of the path as an expression of light and dark, contraction and expansion, and doing and being--who hold love at the core of decision and action.

So, healing arts work or web design, we’ll transform old into new, revive and rejigger.

I absolutely look forward to supporting your journey in whatever way I can!

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With Deepest Gratitude.

For the teachers, mentors, & angels who have made this Journey amazing, who have made me, Me, and continue to weave their teachings into my heart every day. Thank you. 

To My Clients

My clients have brought so many lessons to my life. They have brought gifts of loyalty, trust, compassion and inspiration. For growing individually and collectively, Thank you!

To My Teachers & Mentors

Tom Engel, Laura Moynihan, Peggy Tex, Roberta Sherman and Ron Thompson, Claudia Micco and Gloria Keeling, Blair and Karen Lewis, Rennie Laing, Naropa, Helen Greene, Mia. Esther Cohen, Wilbert Alix, Kalani. Kendra Howard, Melissa Michaels, Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen, Jojo Going, Anita Ruderman, Iva Drtina-Hall, Holadia, Susan Ramos, Brenda Blakesley, Dr. D, Ken Bentall, Natalie and Paul Southgate, Wendy Bradshaw, Sara Crow, David Crow, Deanna Minich Duhamel, Melanie Krueger Webb and Kendall Nielson. To my web design gurus, THANK YOU for directing me toward a whole new, very unexpected adventure—Louise Henry, Kerstin Martin, and Ashlyn Stallings Carter.

To My Family

I am profoundly grateful for my family—blood and soul—who has watched and supported the ins and outs and ups and downs, wondering which way and where I'd land along the way. To all of my tribe who has supported the Shiniest, most Sparkle-y, Amazing, Me.