No matter what kind of work we do together, BODYWORK OR WEB DESIGN,

there are a couple of things you can count on—

1. i’m really good at what i do
2. I will intuitively find the best way to help you—you won’t even know you needed what I’ll do
3. I have many options to offer you—you’ll get to where you need to go
4. You will feel nurtured in our work together
5. we’ll laugh together (maybe cry!)
6. we’ll traverse that space where the magical & the practical happily coexist.

I absolutely look forward to supporting you in whatever way that I can.

lokking down glo.JPG

Hello! With the addition of web design to my biz, I am doing some behind the scenes work to give THIS website a revamp.

(Practice what you preach, sistar!)

I’ll have more to say over here about me and what I have to offer you in just a bit.

Feel free to click below if you are interested in staying in the loop and I’ll get back to you soon.


In the meantime, if you’d like to know a little bit about me, you can see my career-in-a-nutshell list of trainings & education HERE.


with Deepest Gratitude

For the teachers, mentors, & angels who have made this Journey amazing, who have made me, Me, and continue to weave their teachings into my heart every day. Thank you. 

To My Clients

My clients have brought so many lessons to my life. They have brought gifts of loyalty, trust, compassion and inspiration. For growing individually and collectively, Thank you!

To My Teachers & Mentors

Tom Engel, Laura Moynihan, Peggy Tex, Roberta Sherman and Ron Thompson, Claudia Micco and Gloria Keeling, Blair and Karen Lewis, Rennie Laing, Naropa, Helen Greene, Mia. Esther Cohen, Wilbert Alix, Kalani. Kendra Howard, Melissa Michaels, Sylvia Pelcz-Larsen, Jojo Going, Anita Ruderman, Iva Drtina-Hall, Holadia, Susan Ramos, Brenda Blakesley, Dr. D, Ken Bentall, Natalie and Paul Southgate, Wendy Bradshaw, Sara Crow, David Crow, Deanna Minich Duhamel, Melanie Krueger Webb and Kendall Nielson. To my web design gurus, THANK YOU for directing me toward a whole new, very unexpected adventure—Louise Henry, Kerstin Martin, and Ashlyn Stallings Carter.

To My Family

I am profoundly grateful for my family who has watched and supported the ins and outs and ups and downs, wondering which way and where I'd land along the way.  And for my husband, Dean, as my partner, teacher, and biggest supporter of the Shiniest, most Sparkle-y, Amazing, Me.  

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