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I’m a massage therapist and web designer……..Not as far a stretch as you might think!

On the table and creating websites, it’s really all about supporting women to be their shiniest, sparkliest, most vibrant, graceful, warrior selves.

I can help you:

On the healing arts side, for day-to-day reviving and....rejiggering.

On the design side, for the big-picture expression of the gifts you have to offer the world.

Either way, I’m here to help you be the fullest expression of who you are, to help you share with the world the most amazing version of you.

So Hit. Me. Up. Because, girl, you are amazing. And the world needs you.

I can’t wait to see what I can do to help!

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So how did I get from being a healer and wellness industry junky for 20 years
to opening a web design studio?

Here’s the story.

In the Spring of 2014 I was diagnosed with CIRS, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, which basically means I was really sick in a lot of ways. Medical research, appointment setting (and coordinating and attending!) plus putting in place ever-shifting regimens for healing became my full time job. My actual career as a bodyworker was on hold.

So I wasn’t working or out of the house much.

And then one day, I started designing a website for myself as a way to stay connected to something creative and inspiring, a lifeline, so to speak, to something outside of my illness.

I designed three sites for myself on three different platforms, just monkeying around until I could figure out how to make things happen. I watched youtube videos and learned new programs and designed my marketing materials, too. Since I wasn’t working, my websites were mostly gathering dust. But then this last Spring, I really hit my brand and fell in love with my latest brand creation. I thought, this is IT. This is so ME.

I knew I was onto something because people started asking for advice on their own projects—just friends, ”look at this” or “what do you think of that?” kind of stuff.

But then, in Fall 2018, one of my soul sisters called me up and everything shifted.

She asked if I wanted to get paid to help her with a big project. I said, “Hell, yeah!”

And that’s how it all started. I launched a Web Design Studio.

Tricky me! I had created a new career for myself while I was super sick and not sure how much time I had left on the planet.

So now I’m on the other side of the health crisis—and my business is thriving. What a new amazing, reality!

I worked my ass off to get here in so many ways. It wasn’t easy.

But on this side of things, everything feels like it is falling into my lap.
I am in the flow. And I’ll take it! All of it!

Amen, Aho, Hallelujah, Mahalo.


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I’ve been in the health and wellness field for over 20 years. Lucky for me, the industry is so wide and vast that my gypsy nature has done well here, traipsing around, always finding something new to explore and then bring back to my clients. A huge piece of this exploration has always integrated mind + body + spirit, laying the essential foundation for my entire career. To learn more, click below!


Checklists + Systems + Details + Fun? Oh, my!
I LOOOOOVE helping other women transition into something new by providing design services for them. We’ll put something visually beautiful into the world that also energetically aligns with who you are and the gifts you are sharing. We’ll wrap it up with SEO best practices so your people can find you and you, my dear, can enjoy financial reward, too! Thrive, sister, thrive!

Cat Caruso is a wonder-working magic-maker of extraordinary insight, skill, and heart. Truly, working with her tops my personal list of self-care. This woman is gifted beyond words.
— Angela R. of Sexy, Saavy Copy regarding Signature Sessions
Cat is a highly skilled intuitive and healer. Her gift of intuition has played a large role in my growth over the past year. In many aspects of my life...emotional, physical, and spiritual.
— Laura N, HR Wizard regarding Deep Dive Sessions 

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