Want to feel Amazing? 

Feeling a little (or a lot) wonky/exhausted/disconnect-ed/out of sorts/un-sparkle-y/just plain sore?
I offer a whole bunch of ways to help you recover, de-stress, relax, rejuvenate, bliss out, or reconnect to your self & your rhythm.
20 years into this biz and a whole lotta training under my belt, I’m pretty confident when i say, “Whatever you need, you’re in really good hands.” (and yes, silly pun intended.)

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Helping you find more
awareness, healing, balance, & vitality. 
In smaller, daily ways and bigger, life ways.
In ways created just for you.
In a space where the magical & practical happily co-exist.

Hi and Welcome!


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I've been a bodyworker for 20 years and I still love what I do!
Seeding transformation in small and big ways for people each and every day--
it's healing, deep work, that I like to approach in a sacred AND light-hearted way.

I love what this work has evolved into through the years,
how it has deepened and ripened through my own personal growth and journey.
I am grateful to integrate my personal and professional life so intricately.
Who I am is my work in the world. What a blessing! 


time for you


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I have many tools & modalities to weave into my practice
that I've gathered up over the last 20 years,
creating many ways to support you in the best possible way.

Some of my offerings include:
Ashiatsu (deep tissue) massage, integrative massage + energy therapy, plant medicine,
support for cleanses, prenatal & postpartum massage, sound therapy, Himalayan salt stone therapy, an online dispensary, and more.

How I work with a client changes with the day and what’s needed in the moment.
Everything is in service to your brightest being.
Everything is in service to your self-care.
The work is deeply healing, nurturing, and nourishing.
Everything is done in the name of Love...and Ritual. 

I hope you feel it. 

To learn more, go to TREATMENTS.

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I have spent a lot of time over the years researching products and companies.
And I love sharing what I've found to support your wellness.

That said, for wellness lifestyle resources, check out:


THE MAKEUP & SKINCARE DEPARTMENT,  SCHWAG (it's just fun stuff--that I designed--over there!), PRODUCTS I LOVE,  OR THE BLOG.

Cat Caruso is a wonder-working magic-maker of extraordinary insight, skill, and heart. Truly, working with her tops my personal list of self-care. This woman is gifted beyond words.
— Angela R. of Sexy, Saavy Copy regarding Signature Sessions
Cat is a highly skilled intuitive and healer. Her gift of intuition has played a large role in my growth over the past year. In many aspects of my life...emotional, physical, and spiritual.
— Laura N, HR Wizard regarding Deep Dive Sessions 

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